Class Exercise – Difference between Infographic and Data Visualization

I was thinking about the NM3229 course and realized that the course primarily taught us how to design data visualizations and infographics. Before this course, I was under the impression that these 2 things were one and the same. However, through this module, I have realized that there is a fundamental difference between these 2 concepts. I suddenly thought of the class exercise where we had to discuss the differences between these 2 concepts and thought that I should blog about it since one of my primary takeaways from the course has been to learn the difference between infographic design and data visualization design.

Data visualizations, as the name suggests, are simply visual representations of data. They includes graphs, charts, maps, pictures etc. When someone looks at a data visualization, he/she is left to draw the relevant conclusions. The visualization simply depicts the data graphically and in an understandable fashion. The task of deriving relevant information and conclusions from the visualization is left to the person looking at the visualization.

Infographics, on the other hand, contain multiple visualizations, text etc to convey specific information to a reader.  Infographics tell a story to a reader. By looking at an infographic, a reader can draw very clear conclusions about the data. Infographics usually consist of multiple data visualizations to clearly depict information.




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